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Ep. #36 Yoga Somatics with Ateeka

Ep. #36 Yoga Somatics with Ateeka

April 7, 2021

Iselin sits down with the soulful yogini and teacher Ateeka @ateekayoga on Zoom. She is the founder of Yoga Somatics. Check out her Online Restorative Training. Topics include somatics, healing and sensuality as she shares insights from her journey. We also touch on trainings, teachers, Italians(!) and her book "Love is under my skin".


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Ep. #35: The Gaia Gang med Emilie Roll

Ep. #35: The Gaia Gang med Emilie Roll

March 27, 2021

Sjekk ut zoomcast'en vår på YouTube. I denne episoden preiker jeg med fineste Emilie Roll fra The Gaia Gang. Heng med oss på øret for å høre mer om hva denne kule damen driver med. Vi snakker female empowerment og i form av burlesque, en danseform som jeg digger. Hun har kurs i det på sin onlineportal, men du kan sjekke ut en annen dansevideo med Emilie her.


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Ep. #34 - Barre with Adrienne Rabena

Ep. #34 - Barre with Adrienne Rabena

March 5, 2021

Watch us talk on YouTube here. In this weeks episode I am joined by my amazing teacher Adrienne Rabena @barrewithadrienne. She's the creator of @BarreEclipse and a popular instructor at AloMoves. 

We talk about yoga as I did her 'The Craft of Teaching Yoga' in Rome. Adrienne shares how she and her husband and business partner Eric has transitioned into teaching barre only online. In this episode you'll get a deeper dive into her background. I wanted Adrienne to share more on her knowledge on the dangers of over stretching and she delivers as usual. Stay tuned till the end for her self-care rituals and if you are curious to know who inspires her.

Her barre teacher training and weekly livestream classes: www.barreeclipse.com 

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What is BARRE? You can read my BLOG on it here. Or read another one on a take-away from a class with Adrienne in Rome here: https://www.iselinmork.com/post/how-you-do-one-thing-is-how-you-do-everything

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Ep. #33 - Energy readings with Kari Opsal

Ep. #33 - Energy readings with Kari Opsal

February 22, 2021

Todays guest is energy reader Kari Opsal @kariopsal who works an intuitive mentor & coach. We talk about coming out of the spiritual closet, manifestation & her latest masterclass on Spirit Guides amongst ALL the spiritual things. Stalk Kari or book an energy reading: https://www.kariopsal.com/

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Ep. #32 - Imperfect Yoga Teacher

Ep. #32 - Imperfect Yoga Teacher

January 29, 2021

I recorded this episode in 2020 via zoom with some internet glitches and we were planning to re-record, but I actually made it work somehow. Stay tuned for goddess wisdom and laughs with Dorota - Imperfect Yogi & Coach. She is here to start a revolution of feeling GOOD ENOUGH.

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Ep. #31 - Inner Spark with Kristin Vikjord

Ep. #31 - Inner Spark with Kristin Vikjord

December 10, 2020

Watch us on YouTube. Buy INNER SPARK here.

In this weeks episode Iselin is joined by Kristin Vikjord a Clinical Psychologist who teaches the application of yoga and mindfulness as complementary to conventional therapy. We chat about her new book INNER SPARK, how nature impacts us and more on yoga and mindfulness. We also touch upon her upcoming Yogi Facilitator Training and her retreats in Lofoten.

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Ep.30 - Naturlig livsstil og helårsbading med Kristin Alvestad

Ep.30 - Naturlig livsstil og helårsbading med Kristin Alvestad

December 4, 2020

Se opptak på YouTube. Bli med på introklasse i eteriske oljer med Iselin på Zoom: book her

https://www.iselinmork.com/essentials Host: www.iselinmork.com

Ukens gjest er @kristin_alvestad fra www.kristinalvestad.no vi preiker om kaffe (uten koffein, med fett!) detox, naturlig livsstil og helårsbading. Du finner reatreater med Kristin her: https://www.wildnorthwellness.com/ https://www.feedyourfeminist.com/eteriske-oljer 

Sponsor: www.armoniaterapi.com 

Behandlinger med Cryo21 teknologi i Bergen.





Ep.29 - Creativity and Mindfulness with Jason Moore

Ep.29 - Creativity and Mindfulness with Jason Moore

November 27, 2020

This weeks guest is Jason Moore a theater director and transformational speaker, writer and mentor. We dive deep into mindfulness and share transformational tools and ways of staying creative during difficult times. Watch us on YouTube here.

Jason's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jason+moore

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Ep.28 - Året 2020 med Astrolog Katharina Westblikk

Ep.28 - Året 2020 med Astrolog Katharina Westblikk

November 12, 2020

Katharina er tilbake for å preike litt om utfordringene vi har vært igjennom dette året. Vi snakker retrograder, konjuksjoner og veien videre, så det er bare å henge med. Nysgjerrig på hva som venter i 2021? Meld deg på https://www.facebook.com/events/434161557546588

Finn Katharina her: https://www.facebook.com/arhatsenter



Shadow work blog: https://www.iselinmork.com/post/shadow-work

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Ep.27 - Zoomcast with Leish: Roman Yogis and Goddess wisdom

Ep.27 - Zoomcast with Leish: Roman Yogis and Goddess wisdom

November 6, 2020

Watch the video recording on my YouTube. Read the blog here. Me and Leish @Aleisha.Victoria.Smith sits down across the oceans to chat about our favorite city; Rome where we met almost 2 years ago. Leish also shares some beautiful goddess wisdom, that you definitely don't want to miss. Check out her offerings on @divine_journeys https://www.divinejourneys.com.au/

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